Capital Management

With Delight Money LIMITED, you can rely on professional wealth management and targeted services to optimize your financial assets. Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your financial goals with security and expertise. Management of Liquid Capital with Delight Money LIMITED

By entrusting your liquid capital to Delight Money LIMITED through a bank deposit, you will have the option to select the capital management period. In return, you will receive monthly interest, credited directly to your bank account at the end of each month, resembling a second income.
For example, for an investment of 100,000 euros and a one-year deposit contract, the client will receive 3.7% monthly for the first three months, followed by a rate of 2.9% for the subsequent nine months.
It is important to note that Delight Money LIMITED will apply a percentage to the client's earnings. For instance, on a gain of 3,700 euros, a 7.2% fee (equivalent to 266.4 euros) will be charged for the first three months, and 5.9% for the remaining nine months.
Alternatively, a one-time fee can be negotiated, which will be paid once and will not incur any additional costs for the duration of the contract.
Delight Money LIMITED commits to provide a form of physical guarantee according to the contract, which may consist of gold bars, diamonds, or cryptocurrencies, registered in the name of the client entrusting their capital for management.
This guarantee can be stored in a safety deposit box designated by Delight Money LIMITED or managed directly by the client, subject to an insurance contract agreement.
Our contract options include:
          - Monthly Contract
          - Quarterly Contract
          - Semi-Annual Contract
          - Annual Contract
          - Five-Year Contract
          - Ten-Year Contract
We are here to offer you financial management solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize an investment strategy for you.
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Our Service Includes

Management of Liquid Assets
Entrust Delight Money LIMITED with the management of your liquid funds through bank transfers. Based on the customized contract you intend to establish, we will provide you with a tailored management service that ensures a monthly return.

Cryptocurrency Trading
Delight Money LIMITED also specializes in cryptocurrency management through trading on the most renowned platforms. By taking your cryptocurrency capital into our care, we ensure an excellent monthly return of up to 10% on the invested amount. The invested capital is 100% insured, and at the end of the contract, the client will be reimbursed the entire invested capital.
Real Estate Portfolio Management
By entrusting your real estate properties to Delight Money LIMITED, we guarantee optimal management. We take care of renting and selling at the right time. Upon agreement, we can also handle renovations and subsequently offer your properties on the market for rent or sale.

Management of Movable Assets
Delight Money LIMITED offers advantageous solutions for managing valuable movable assets, such as important paintings requested by galleries in London, antique furniture for exhibitions, or watches for showrooms. Every asset is guaranteed up to 100% of its estimated value and transported by authorized and equipped couriers. For each item entrusted to our management, you can receive income on a service or monthly basis.